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Virtual Paradise 0.4.3

Post by Edwin » Mon Sep 07, 2020 6:33 pm

Virtual Paradise version 0.4.3 is now available!

New in this version:
  • Action syntax highlighting
  • Go to named object feature in context menu of action edit
  • Interpolate camera position from physics simulation (smoother movement: see video below)
  • Use save file dialog for 'Save screenshot' option in debug menu
  • Option to invert background color for highlighted messages
  • macOS: invert text color in dark mode on Mojave (10.14) and newer
  • macOS: disable automatic quote and dash substitution in action and description fields
  • Updated to Qt 5.15
  • Updated XAudio2 redist to 1.2.4
  • Updated CEF to v85
  • Fix chat text color after switching between light and dark themes
  • Fix jittery avatar animation with high frame rates
  • Fix streaming audio sources not getting cleaned up (XAudio2 only). After a certain number of played sounds no new sounds could be played.
  • Fix possible crash after login

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