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Virtual Paradise 0.3.7

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Version 0.3.7 of Virtual Paradise is now ready for download :-)

The most noticeable changes are the status bar on Windows and Linux, the shorter download time when first entering a world and more of the texture masks working properly.

This is the full list of changes in 0.3.7:
  • Use HTTP Keep-Alive for downloading objects if available(much faster downloads)
  • Support for loading masks from Gzip files
  • Support for SOCKS4A proxy
  • Move sideways when holding shift key
  • Support for Data Execution Prevention(DEP) on Windows
  • Added timeout for connecting and entering world
  • Added loading indicator on status bar of Qt GUI(Windows/Linux)
  • Added frame rate indicator on status bar of Qt GUI
  • Added view distance indicator on status bar of Qt GUI
  • Fixed uninitialized variable that made the client send object changes even when the objects didn't change
  • Fixed possible crash parsing incorrectly formatted message from the server
  • Fixed possible buffer overflow when connecting to world server
  • Fixed incorrectly recognizing certain textures as animations
  • Fixed inability to select non-RWX models
  • Fixed extra arguments to picture command being included in the URL
As always, the changes in this and earlier versions can also be found on the changelog page of the wiki.
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