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Virtual Paradise 0.4.4

Post by Edwin »

Virtual Paradise version 0.4.4 is now available!

New in this version:
  • Avatar animations on avatars using RWX models (SEQ format)
  • Support SEQ command on objects using RWX models
  • Add transparent/opaque switch for web command
  • Apply picture update= refresh on initial load
  • Handle aworld:? URL commands in browsers opened with web command
  • Non-blocking connection setup (UI stays responsive while the connection to a server is being made)
  • Add option to settings to show or hide chat above avatars
  • Add FOV (field of view) option to camera command
  • Add 'Change world setting value' option in debug menu
  • Reordered items in debug menu
  • Linux version now distributed as an AppImage
  • Fix "Disable camera command" in debug menu
  • Fix potential crashing when joining or receiving a teleport command from a bot
  • Fix updating textures (picture update=)
  • Fix bug in texture management that could cause duplicate textures loading (using more memory)
  • Fix infinite loop when TLS handshake fails (causes error dialog that keeps reappearing after closing)
  • Fix window icon on Linux
  • Fix crash in OpenGL 4 renderer when using web command
  • Fix incorrect defaults for renderer type in settings dialog on Linux
  • Fix object placeholders (black triangles) not facing camera
  • Fix selection box on particle emitters appearing at incorrect location
  • Fix crash when switching worlds while objects are still selected
  • Fix scale and shear not resetting after editing object
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Re: Virtual Paradise 0.4.4

Post by Faramir »

I just wanted to say how smoothly and how great things look in here.! I mean, of course, in VP. *smiles

The light looks just fresh and fx work so well. Kinda like a virtual vacation. :-)
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