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Version 0.3.57

Post by Edwin » Fri Nov 04, 2016 12:05 am

Virtual Paradise 0.3.57 has been released! This new version includes support for a new model format (Wavefront OBJ files) and much improved mouse input on Windows. Here is the change list:
  • OBJ model support
  • Remove fade in of fire light fx
  • Support for using tag= to assign materials to named groups in OBJ and MD5 models
  • Windows raw mouse input (much better sample rate) and support for optional mouse filter
  • Fix crash when mask file failed to open
  • Fix incorrect rendering of concave quads from RWX models (like parch01.rwx) by tesselating them like other n-sided polygons
  • Fix loading of VPPTSV object group files with "inf" values in the RotationAngle field (this is used as a flag to signal that the Rotation X, Y and Z fields contain euler angles instead of an axis-angle rotation)
  • Fix loop not working for rotate command when time is specified without wait

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