list of "things" supported

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list of "things" supported

Post by Rudy »

perhaps it can be wise to post some more details about vp :P
what language it's written in , what file types are supported.

- is it possible to add .gif pictures
- is it possible to play a movie on an object? e.g. *.wmv
- is colored chat supported? (or , is it yet installed)
- what object types are supported?

we've talked about this earlier on MSN, but you're not on atm :P
and when its posted here, its easier to look up.

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Post by Edwin »

I'm really sorry to respond 20 days later but I didn't notice your message :shock:
Most of the answers to your questions can be found on the Dutch wikipedia page about VP at
  • GIF images are supported, but only the first frame shows for animated ones.
  • It's not possible to play movies on an object right now.
  • Colored chat is not supported, maybe some time in the future.
  • Milkshape3D and STL objects are supported. More formats will be added later, what object format do you like?
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