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Virtual Paradise 0.4.6

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Virtual Paradise version 0.4.6 is now available!

New in this version
  • Add mask support to particle emitter objects
  • Rectangle selection for terrain, by holding shift while pressing the arrow keys.
    • Unfortunately the selection rectangle is still invisible in this version
    • The maximum width of the rectangle to be selected is 10 by default. It can be set using the terrain_max_selection_width world setting up to a maximum of 32
  • Add support for tag= to sign command
  • Support for prelight in RWX models
  • Support normal (norm) and specular maps (map_Ks) from OBJ MTL files
  • Automatically adjust offset of md5mesh avatars and add avatarOffsetY and textOffsetY settings to allow overriding offsets
  • World option to reverse diagonals in terrain mesh (terrain_reverse_diagonals)
  • Experimental Vulkan graphics mode, still hidden from the UI. See below for more information
  • Mac: Fog support in Metal renderer
  • Mac: Set initial keyboard focus to 3D view
  • Mac: Quit the application when the last window is closed
  • Mac: Teleport to world feature
  • Mac: Position display in status bar
  • Mac: Add ability to change type for newly created objects
  • Mac: Fill current position in teleport to coordinates window
  • Fix error in OpenGL 4 shaders: Replace deprecated texture2D calls in shaders with texture (use of deprecated function was unnecessary and unintentional)
  • Fix possibly corrupted TLS connection if a lot of data is sent quickly, such as when importing a large object group
  • Fix aworld:? URLs in web pages opened with web command
  • Fix loop for MP3 sounds
  • Fix corrupted text in saved object groups for special characters
  • Fix crash when loading OBJ file with no valid faces
  • Fix SEQ not correctly preserving scale and shear
  • Fix bounding box and sphere for md5mesh models
  • Mac: Fix collapsing of sidebar in newer macOS versions
  • Mac: Fix crash when clicking on messages tab
Vulkan graphics mode

The Vulkan graphics mode is now approaching a usable state. It can be tested by setting renderer=6 in the virtualparadise.cfg file.

Here is what's new since the version described in the last blog post about it in April 2018:
  • Clustered lighting similar to Direct3D 11, GL 4.x and Metal renderers
  • Multisample anti-alias support
  • Use uniform buffers instead of push constants for modelview matrix
  • Materials
  • All blending mode variations that VP uses are now supported
  • Rendering of the 'basic' version of the gradient sky (as is also used for Direct3D 9 and OpenGL 1.x. Uses vertex colors)
  • Textures including mipmap generation and anisotropic filtering
  • Normal map materials
  • Normal map materials with a specular map
  • Lighting equations made equal to the ones used for Direct3D 11 and OpenGL 4.x (previously the light intensity was not clamped)
  • Rotated terrain textures now render correctly
  • Improved performance by reducing unnecessary updates of uniform buffers
  • Particles are now rendered with the correct depth stencil state
  • Support upload of clustered shading data using staging buffers when necessary (if a mapped buffer is not available)
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