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Its been a long time since I've used VP. So I wanna get used to the controls that I forgotten about. Can someone list all the keyboard/mouse controls?
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Re: Controls?

Post by Edwin »

These are the controls for VP:

W / Up arrow: move forward
S / Down arrow: move backward
A: move left
D: move right
Left arrow: turn left
Right arrow: turn right
Space: Jump
Page up: look up
Page down: look down
End: Cycle through camera modes (first person, 3rd person back, 3rd person front)
Home: Switch to first person camera mode
Enter: Start typing a chat message. Press enter again to send send the message.

Shift: Hold down to move through walls in worlds that allow this. Also changes left and right arrows to move left/right instead of turn left/right.
Ctrl (Windows/Linux), alt/option (macOS): Run

Scroll/middle mouse button: Begin mouselook. Press again or press ESC to stop.

Alt+Enter: Full screen
Ctrl+T: Teleport to coordinates
Alt+Left (Windows/Linux), Cmd+Left (macOS): Teleport back
Alt+Right (Windows/Linux), Cmd+Right (macOS): Teleport forward
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