Version 0.3.41

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Version 0.3.41

Post by Edwin »

A new version of VP was released yesterday. The following is new in version 0.3.41:
  • Bump events for bots
  • Bump trigger
  • BumpEnd trigger
  • Change default object path to
  • Don't send unnecessary avatar updates
  • Enable web browser cache
  • Fix crash that happened because of a race condition with a downloader thread loading a vp object and an vp object reload being requested
  • Fix crash when pressing keys used for building after deselecting all objects using Shift+Right click
  • Fix incorrect avatar position interpolation update interval
  • Fix memory leak in save screenshot feature (D3D11)
  • Fix solid not working with named objects when using "solid <name> no" syntax
  • Invisible objects no longer clickable/selectable
  • Make own avatar object selectable again
  • OpenGL Vertex Array Object support
  • Option to keep chat input keyboard focus after sending chat message
  • Remember visibility setting after restarts
  • Show object type in object properties for unknown object types
  • show_object_id config file option to show an object ID field in object properties
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Re: Version 0.3.41

Post by T q r u l e s »

Hi Edwin,

Just letting you know I will be working on a secret Gate build for you.. It's so secret that I'm telling it on this open forum .. In any case As soon as its ready I will give you the propdump so you can test it out.
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