Updates and a new Facebook Group

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Updates and a new Facebook Group

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There haven't been any new posts here since version 0.3.22 in July so here is a new post to bring you up to speed on what's new in Virtual Paradise :)

There is a new Virtual Paradise Facebook group. This Facebook group has already been very active over the last few days. I will be keeping it up to date with new release information. The group was created by VP citizen Legion who will also be maintaining the group as an administrator. It is an open Facebook group but if you want to comment or post anything else you will have to become a group member first.

Since version 0.3.22, three new versions have been released. Here is an overview of the most important changes:

August 5 - Version 0.3.23: September 6 - Version 0.3.24:
  • Don't try terrain tiles that are certainly not visible on the screen(frustum culling)
  • Check if the sector an object is in is visible before checking if each object in the sector is visible
  • Support for object path passwords
  • More changes in 0.3.24
September 26 - Version 0.3.25:
  • Action messages with /me
  • More space for the usernames in the chat view
  • Disabled teleporting back to the starting point of the world when you go below -50m Y
  • Fixed Direct3D 9 rendering bug
  • Fixed bug that occurred when duplicating objects with animations, the animations are now disabled for the new object(s) after duplicating.
  • Fixed crashes when loading some bitmap mask files
  • Fixed problems loading some RWX objects
You can get the latest version on the download page.
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