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Virtual Paradise 0.3.20

Post by Edwin »

Virtual Paradise version 0.3.20 has been released, it can be downloaded from the downloads page. This release has support for user created per pixel lights, alpha to coverage in the OpenGL graphics modes and some fixes.

The full list of changes in version 0.3.20:
  • Support for user created point lights
  • Alpha to coverage option(can be enabled using alpha_to_coverage=1 in the configuration file, requires multisampling)
  • Option to disable distance sorting of objects(disable_distance_sort=1 in the configuration file, for use with the alpha to coverage option)
  • Improved sorting and merging of RWX render groups
  • Query cells further away when using higher view distance
  • Crosshair cursor when using the mouse to control the camera
  • Fixed objects animations not resetting after the object has changed.
  • Fixed avatar names not working
  • Fixed incorrect scale if only 2 scale factors are given in the scale command
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Re: Virtual Paradise 0.3.20

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Nice edwin, Keep it up ^^
I hope you are okay and all havent spoken to you in ages.
Say hi to everyone i know and happy new year dude ^_^

Groet Tq
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