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Virtual Paradise 0.3.6

Post by Edwin » Fri Sep 10, 2010 6:48 am

A new version of Virtual Paradise is now available from the downloads page. Version 0.3.6 has some welcome improvements for building as well as some other changes. A few of the most important changes are better object rotations, object scaling and freelook mouse mode.

Here is a full list of changes:
  • Faster loading(especially for very large models)
  • View distance menu on Mac OS X version
  • Object moving relative to object rotations
  • Correctly rotate multiple objects
  • Use axis/angle instead of Euler angles to store rotations
  • Free look mode
  • Added application icon on Mac OS X
  • Show axis of last selected object instead of first selected object
  • Removed unnecessary texture mirror in texture loading code
  • Rotate objects with scroll wheel
  • Added color name 0 as black
  • Added support for color command
  • Don't use non-power-of-two textures as that seemed to cause a slowdown on most systems
  • Support for object scaling
  • Add http:// to picture URLs if it is not included yet
  • Fixed last used mask visible on avatars
  • Fixed slowdown after activating or selecting objects
  • Fixed seams on skybox mesh
  • Fixed physics meshes being left in scene when they are too far away, causing slowdown after exploring larger worlds for some time
  • Fixed possible crash when loading RWX files
  • Fixed crash when using buttons on object properties window while not in building mode
  • Fixed crash when using scroll wheel when not in building mode on Mac OS X
  • Fixed possible crash because of uninitialized variable
  • Fixed incorrect translation on some RWX models
  • Fixed keys / and * for rotation not working
  • Fixed incorrect parsing of object change message
The changes in this version and earlier versions can also be found on the changelog wiki page.

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