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Virtual Paradise 0.3.5

Post by Edwin » Tue Aug 24, 2010 11:53 pm

A new version of Virtual Paradise is available for download now :mrgreen:
The new version has a lot of small changes and a few bigger changes. One of the more noticeable changes is the addition of a rendering mode using shaders. In the new render mode objects near the view distance limit fade in and out when you walk around.

Here is the full list of changes:
  • Removed unnecessary error checking in OpenGL renderer(speedup)
  • Removed unnecessary texture bind in OpenGL renderer(also possible speedup)
  • Support for double sided faces from RWX files
  • Removed unnecessary texture bind in RWX renderer
  • Disable texture masks when rendering skybox
  • Send object clicks to world server
  • Loading indicator for Mac OS X version
  • Set 24 bit Z-buffer in Direct3D renderer
  • Fixed Direct3D transparency issues
  • Users list on Mac OS X version
  • Physics mesh generation on background thread
  • Selecting placeholder objects(black triangles) now possible
  • Ground object updates when changing worlds
  • Add messages in chat box when connection to universe or world server is lost
  • Fixed race condition that could result in a crash
  • Added b and x for black as color names
  • Fix partly transparent object placeholders(black triangles)
  • Removed unused material calls for specular lighting
  • Added check to prevent crash when object is not found in object change event handler
  • Better normal generation for RWX models
  • Support avatar model RWX files
  • Don't load texture if it doesn't have any references left after downloading
  • Added OpenGL renderer using shaders
  • Fade objects in distance for OpenGL renderer with shaders
  • Gradually change view distance
  • Added support for mask= and tag= in texture command
  • Read configuration file to select renderer
  • Read configuration file to get frames per second limit
  • Less format conversions when loading images

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