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Virtual Paradise 0.2.4

Post by Edwin »

Virtual Paradise version 0.2.4 has been released :)

Changes in the new version

All operating systems:
  • Rotating multiple selected objects now works.
  • Some minor memory leaks fixed.
  • Object properties don't get overwritten when multiple objects with different properties are selected.
  • Build window changes depending on the type of object that's currently selected, but there is only one type at the moment.
  • Added DMG installer.
  • Added working world list.
Mac OS X:
  • Sockets now run on the main thread.
  • Separate login window instead of login sheet on top of the main window.
  • Fixed bug where the background of the chat window was not repainted.
From now on changes will also be listed on this wiki page.
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Re: Virtual Paradise 0.2.4

Post by Xenion »

The most important issue for me would be the user friendliness. I don't have time to really test this version but in previous versions I noticed that some things didn't really work from the first time.

You should really focus on the way objects get edited. Object should get selected from the first right click and should be changed when the property window loses focus.

Further: I think I've mentioned this before but it would be an interesting feature. Users should be able to view worlds without rights. So the world admins can grant rights but the individual users should be able to toggle the rights on and off. (Object select, bold text, flying, pass-thru, ...)
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