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Back online, new website, new forums

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Okay, it has been a while since the last news message and maybe I need to do some explaining...

So, the hosting company that was hosting the old website which was at was going out of business and they told me to get my files off the server and move somewhere else. They said the server would stay online for about a month after that message. The day after that... website gone :shock:.

I didn't have a backup of all the latest files on the server and I haven't heard anything from that company afterwards. A few days later I requested some information from a hosting company telling about the situation. When the email was answered(within 3 minutes) I sent an email back saying I wanted to get my website on their server. No reply to my email in almost 2 weeks.

Because this was taking too long I decided to move the website to another company where I got much more for less money. A few days after that, the domain stopped working. I did a whois and I saw that the nameserver had changed to a different one, one belonging to the company that wasn't responding to my emails. So they just moved my domain without even asking :x.

Now I decided not to move the old domain back to the other company and just register a new one: :D

The old website gone but this new website replaces it. The main website is custom made by me, the screenshot gallery is SPGM integrated into the main website and the forum software is phpBB2.
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