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Version 0.3.67

Post by Edwin » Tue Jul 17, 2018 10:35 pm

Virtual Paradise version 0.3.67 is now available! :)

New in this version:
  • Format date in object properties window based on the system locale
  • Use last selected object's origin and rotation as the pivot for multi-object selections (the original behavior was also broken in the previous version)
  • Support for custom cache folder location
  • Extended command support for OBJ models:
    • Normal map
    • Specular map
    • Opacity
    • Color
  • Improved libcurl based download manager
    • Time out stalled requests after 30 seconds
    • Don't write response body of failed requests to disk (404 Not Found etc.)
  • Use libcurl based download manager on Windows (instead of WinInet based downloader, the libcurl based download manager seems to be faster)
    • New cfg options: downloader=curl, downloader=wininet
  • Assign signs to group name vp_sign on OBJ and MD5Mesh models
  • Assign pictures to group name vp_picture on OBJ and MD5Mesh models
Fixed in this version:
  • Fix incorrect UI styles on Windows
  • Fix RWX rendering groups with differing LightSampling values being merged, resulting in incorrect rendering
  • Fix specular lighting for positional lights with Direct3D 11 renderer
  • Fix crashes because of incorrect cross-thread access of model collision data
  • Fix deadlock when accessing collision object from bump triggers (non-Windows platforms)
  • Fix particle emitters disappearing because of frustum culling. Frustum culling is now disabled for particle emitters.
  • Fix invisible objects with move/rotate/path staying invisible in build mode (making them impossible to select)
  • Fix VPSDK corruption when start world entry fails, caused reconnect dialogs to appear
  • Fix crash when a RWX file contains vertex index 0 or lower
  • Fix camera rotation limits not being applied in build mode (allows rotation using mouse controls to exceed 90 degrees up/down)
  • Fix PNG texture transparency not working on MD5Mesh and OBJ models
  • Fix Kd (diffuse) value from MTL file being interpreted as ambient in illum 0 mode (OBJ model materials)
  • Fix OBJ group names not being read correctly for files with Windows line end characters

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