Version 0.3.63 and 0.3.64

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Version 0.3.63 and 0.3.64

Post by Edwin » Wed Sep 27, 2017 11:15 pm

VP version 0.3.64 has just been released! It fixes two issues that were introduced in the recently released version 0.3.63 and also has a few other improvements. 🙂

Changes in 0.3.64:
  • Fix incorrect near clipping plane on Direct3D 9 and 11 renderers (introduced in 0.3.63)
  • Fix spot lights not working properly on objects that use scale (introduced in 0.3.63)
  • Fix stereo WAV sound files not playing with 3D positioning
  • Fix typo in invitation accepted message
  • Map MD5 animation joints to mesh joints by name instead of relying on both files to have the same joint ordering
Changes in 0.3.63:
  • Add a horizontal separator line to chat when switching to a different world
  • Fix "solid no" command not having an immediate effect if the object is already being touched
  • Fix VP crashing without any notification
  • Fix all particle emitters in a selection being overwritten by the settings of the last selected particle emitter
  • Fix audio files with uppercase file extension not being recognized
  • Fix incorrect rotation applied for path animations
  • Fix loading of DDS textures without mipmaps
  • Fix reset rotation button not marking the object as changed, resulting in it not being saved properly unless other changes were made as well
  • Fix texture command on MD2 models
  • Hide user names for consecutive messages by the same user
  • Improve error handling in Direct3D device creation
  • Improve frame rate of web browser
  • Specific particle type for double sided flat panels
  • Support lower WAV sample rate (wind.wav seems to use 7333 Hz)
  • Support tag parameter for normalmap and specularmap commands

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