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Version 0.3.38

Post by Edwin » Sat Dec 07, 2013 11:14 am

Virtual Paradise 0.3.38 can now be downloaded from the downloads page. This version also has a Mac OS X and Debian/Ubuntu Linux version, unlike the previous version.

  • Alpha option for specular command (for reflected light on semi transparent objects)
  • Automatically close the object properties window when deselecting all objects (can be disabled in the settings)
  • Automatically show object properties window when selecting an object
  • Don't scroll chat if text is selected
  • Fix /me action messages from muted users not being muted
  • Fix crash when loading incomplete texture file on Mac OS X
  • Fix virtualparadise.exe process staying active in the background after it is closed if the web browser overlay was used
  • Improved chat view on Windows and Linux, supports italic text for console messages from bots
  • Maximum lights setting, can be used to limit the number of active lights
  • Muted user names manager
  • Sorted users list
  • Statusbar compass (shows position and facing direction)
  • Support up to 32 lights (Direct3D 11 and OpenGL with shaders, Direct3D 9 and OpenGL fixed function still have the same limit)
  • Terrain grid, can be toggled from the View menu or by pressing F10 (shader based on OpenGL)

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