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Version 0.3.33

Post by Edwin » Tue Mar 05, 2013 2:30 pm

VP Version 0.3.33 is now available, you can get it from the downloads page :-)

Changes in version 0.3.33:
  • Automatically updating textures with the picture update= parameter
  • Changed resize_textures setting name used on Mac OS X to resize_images as used on Windows and Linux
  • Identical signs now share a single texture to save resources
  • Less state changes when using OpenGL
  • Light animations using the fx= parameter of the light command, supports the following animations: blink, fadein, fadeout, fire, pulse, rainbow
  • Maxdist option for light command. This will disable the light if it is further away than the specified distance
  • Sortable world list with icons
  • Wireframe rendering. Only works with OpenGL renderer (wireframe=1 in the configuration file)
  • Fixed chat input not having a maximum length(bug #52)
  • Fixed crash when a nearby avaar sends multiple messages without delay
  • Fixed incorrect rendering of text above avatars on Mac OS X
  • Fixed incorrect directions when building in front third person mode
  • Fix invisible facer objects in front third person mode(bug #51)
  • Fixed password-protected zip files not loading on Ubuntu 12.10
  • Fixed pictures not loading if there are extra spaces before the URL
  • Fixed possible crash when sending a chat message while using v-sync on Mac OS X
  • Fixed random(uninitialized variable) color when parsing the color of a color command failed
  • Fixed some color names not working (bug #44)
  • Fixed users panel having a maximum size(bug #35)
Changelogs for older versions:

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