Version 0.3.30

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Version 0.3.30

Post by Edwin » Sun Nov 25, 2012 4:12 am

Version 0.3.30 is now available, you can get it from the downloads page

Changes in this version:
  • Unload areas that are no longer nearby, this reduces the amount of memory VP uses
  • Support for 16-bit textures, uses half the amount of texture/video memory compared to 32-bit formats (does not work with Direct3D 11)
  • Send message after 30 seconds of inactivity to keep connection alive(should help some people with frequent universe disconnects)
  • Restore material after RWX ProtoInstance. This fixes some material errors like the white lane markings on grstreet1.rwx(should be yellow) and the incorrect colors on blip.rwx
  • Fixed texture coordinates from RWX files not being loaded if they are after "#! Prelight" in the RWX file, like in ntree1.rwx
  • Fixed url command not working when '=' is in the url
  • Fixed incorrect loading of texture mipmaps in Direct3D 9 renderer, most often visible with masks

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